Stunning Waikopou wedding

This beautiful Waikopou wedding was for the two lucky ladies who won the Win a Waiheke wedding. This was auctioned off to raise money for the local school here on the island with many of us locals involved giving our time for free for this worthy cause. Stacie and Julia had a beautiful story behind winning the ticket, their boss had bought one without them knowing so it really was a surprise to them when they won! 

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Other local Waiheke suppliers and businesses involved in these selection of images are:

Photography by Myself: Trilby and Lace

Venue: Michael and Louise Holden - Waikopou, Waiheke Island

Irene Armstrong: Wedding Celebrant

Charlotte Edwards: Makeup - Island Beauty

Jules Arlove: Hair stylist - Hair on Waiheke

Timmy Smith - Large silver Ring

Wedding Cake: Mary - Food with Flair

Michelle Gras: Wedding organiser-Waiheke Island weddings and Events

Flowers: Virginia Thompson - Flower Gallery