Hi, I am Sonja Read

Here is a bit about myself and my journey with photography from the start to where I am now.

My dad introduced photography to me when he got his first manual SLR when I was twelve. To this day I remember him showing me how to manually change the aperture and speed dial to get the right exposure. This was on a freezing cold Winters day at Southend, in the U.K, so technically my first photos were taken of a cold steel grey North Sea.

At College I studied all types of Art from ceramics to life drawing but my photography teachers were by far the coolest. As a class most of us got hooked and spent our time in the photography studios and darkrooms. I studied for another two years specialising in photography and at the end of the course my style was creating fine art photographs using multiple images.

My first photography job was assisting in a London studio that specialised in fashion, still life and food photography. This was my area of expertise for 20 years until I moved to New Zealand and I fell into photographing weddings.

Weddings has now become my mainstay and I found out that I love them. After dealing with commercial projects is very different working with real people and who wouldn't like to spend time recording all that happiness and genuine connection.

I still have a few projects in still life, fashion and food and here is my other website, my style from this work is reflected in my weddings www.sonjaread.com.

Living in Auckland I have left the Grey North Sea behind and it's been replaced with the Azure blue of the Hauraki Gulf!